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A/C Installation & Replacement

Utahns know that having a reliable cooling system makes a huge difference once late-Spring comes!

Whether you’re installing your home’s first cooling system, upgrading from that unreliable swamp cooler, or need to replace your current unit, our trained HVAC technicians will help you review what options are available for your home and schedule your installation.

The lifespan of your cooling unit is about 15 years and you’ll notice some of the following when it comes time to replace your unit:

  • Your system is getting old,
  • Your energy costs keep going up,
  • Your vents are blowing warm air,
  • You’re getting moisture build-up or humidity issues, or
  • Your A/C is loud or smells weird

Our knowledgeable technicians will guide you through your replacement options and help you choose the unit that helps you achieve your energy and comfort needs.

Ready to schedule your A/C estimate today? Call us at (801) 440-9158 today!

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