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A/C Repair & Maintenance

Maybe your system seemed fine when you turned it on the first time of the season but then it became harder for your system to keep up! Now it’s like the system is running non-stop but you’re not getting any cooler.

Our trained, friendly, & knowledgeable HVAC technicians will troubleshoot and diagnose the problem. Based on our inspection, you can count on us to make honest recommendations and provide competitive estimates.

We’re also your go-to team when it comes to annual tune-ups to ensure that your system is reliable and performing at its best! We offer routine maintenance to help you prevent and reduce your chances of breakdowns and costly repairs.

Our annual maintenance includes:

  • Checking the refrigerant level,
  • Measuring the airflow,
  • Cleaning the blower motor,
  • Replacing the fan belt,
  • & much more!

Ready to schedule your A/C check-up today? Call us at (801) 440-9158 today!

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